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A Dawg Bone to Pick

So, I've been invited to panels and conference calls with Rep. Jack Kingston's (R-Ga.) office, but no one calls me when Herschel Walker drops in?

What's up with that?


It's Herschel Walker, man.

I'm a Dawg.

Watch a clip of the 1982 Heisman Trophy winner in action, here. Watching the No. 34 flip over a pile of linemen and into the endzone is the first football memory I have.

Herschel also lays claim to, perhaps, my favorite sports quote of all time. I actually have no idea where this quote appeared, and concede that it could be some Georgia myth, but it's so great it's worth telling anyway (in a "fake but accurate" sorta way).

Walker rushed for more than 5,000 yards in three seasons. After one of his many 100-yard-plus games, a reporter asked him, "Don't you ever get tired out there?"

To which Herschel replied, "Tired? That ball ain't heavy."

Maybe next time, we can arrange a conference call with Herschel.

UPDATE: My dad sends a 1981 Sports Illustrated article on Herschel that confirms the quote, but adds a "No sir," which sounds like him.

UPDATE 3:40p.m.: I have been found out! All right, I admit it. There are pictures now. I'm a Herschel Stalker. There's a club. We have badges and everything. Curse you, wily staff photographer. My credibility is shot.


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