A Carolina Dem or a Kos Dem?

Posted: Apr 14, 2006 12:00 PM

Lorie Byrd goes after a Congressman from N.C. for his interview at Daily Kos:

I wonder if a majority of voters, even those disillusioned with the current Republican majority, want to see Democrats elected so that they can tie up the Congress with endless investigations. From the talk of impeachment and from things I have read like this, I see they are definitely sending the message that if they retake the House and/or Senate, that is what their agenda would be. I think they should run on that. If they choose not to, maybe Republicans should make voters aware of the all-investigations-all-the-time agenda Democrats seem to be proposing...

I didn’t see any reference to DailyKos on Miller’s website. I wonder if the folks back home know that their representative is part of the Kos community.