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Late Pictures, But Better Than Never If You're a Glass-Half-Full Kinda Person

I had some technical difficulties with my pictures yesterday, so you have my apologies for not having them up last night. I think I've finally gotten them to work.


Robert Bluey, who I met up with there, has a ton of pictures.

Ian was also there, and Michelle Malkin has lots of video.

Jeff tells a story of intimidation and makes me glad I didn't catch the Metro at the Smithsonian.

I didn't run into anything like that. I saw surly signs, but got no surly reactions either on the Mall or in the Metro. The press is telling the truth this morning when it says there were mostly American flags on display. The marchers have gotten smarter with the message after a couple of weeks of the press not-at-all-subtly telling them-- mostly American flags, guys. Are you listening to us? We're here to help.

I got a kick out of hearing Ted Kennedy speak Spanish. Wow. I don't speak Spanish, but I know really bad Spanish when I hear it, and that Nantucket accent just doesn't jibe with the Espanol.

I also got a kick out of hearing Ted Kennedy deliver these lines, with crowd response:

Are you working?

Crowd: YES!/SI!/applause

Do you have a good job?

Crowd: YES!/SI!/applause

Do you love your family?

Crowd: YES!/SI!/applause

Do you love America?

Crowd: Um. Err. Frankly, there's some disagreement on that if you want to know the truth, Sen. Kennedy. We've got some folks here who are cheering heartily for a country they love, we've got some folks who are cheering heartily because that's what the media-friendly message requires, and there are some folks who didn't get that memo and let forth with some boos, which a message-meister quickly drowned out with shouts of "U.S.A."


Or at least, that's what I saw.

The thing I thought was funniest about it was trying to imagine Sen. Kennedy asking an audience full of Massachusetts liberals "do you love America?" without irony. Without commentary, without hedging, without "despite our dark and imperialist past." Can you imagine that? It struck me as funny that it might be easier to ask that question at a protest populated largely by non-Americans than at a typical Kennedy-crowd gathering.

Now, to the pictures, which are deplorably late due to my deplorable lack of techie skillz-- that's right, skillz.

The Good:


All right, I just like that one. You can see A.N.S.W.E.R.'s fingerprints on the yellow signs in the background. They were everywhere.


Alternate title for this category, "The Only Pictures That'd See the Light of Day If I Worked for a Newspaper."

The Bad:


Somehow I don't feel like this guy's heart is in it. He must be a very young moonbat, not yet schooled in the ways of impassioned protesting. Less malaise! You're just screaming "white privilege" over there.

The Whoa:


The Huh?


There was a LOT of sign confusion at this protest.


And, The Ugly:


That's "We Give, You Take" with an upside down flag, carried by about a 19-year-old kid, I'd estimate.

Any misuse or mispunctuation of the Spanish language in this post is due to the fact I can't figure out how to make my keyboard make those dadgum accent marks. Did I mention the lack of skillz?

UPDATE: My co-worker Josue, who also blogged about these demonstrations, taught me how to type all the accents, but I still can't make them work in the blogging program. Hay Dios mio.

Josue has written up a helpful guide for Spanish-typing PC users.

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