A Real Knee-Slapper

Posted: Mar 20, 2006 12:08 PM

Just in case you're still interested, Margaret Cho is still remarkably unfunny. And, that's remarkably unfunny by just regular-people standards. If you were to compare her to actual, you know, comedians, the results would be much worse.

Some of the witticisms you can look forward to if you happen to be attending the Air America-sponsored "Bring 'Em Home Now" anti-war concert in NYC tonight: (and who among us isn't?)

"Those daughters" — Jenna and Barbara — "party really hard, and that's all I really know about them. But they must be really embarrassed by their father."

Oh, it gets better:

First Lady Laura Bush, meanwhile, "seems to be much smarter than he is," Cho told me. "She seems like she hates him — in fact, she seems like she burns with hatred. Her smile is just a little bit too, well, wide. It's more like a grimace."

And since Mrs. Bush is reputed to be a secret cigarette smoker, "I think she's trying to kill him with second-hand smoke."

Cho goes on to say that Bush's administration has been "good for comedy, but bad for the country." Clearly, she is talking about someone else's comedy. There are good anti-Bush jokes. These are not them.

UPDATE: I forgot, but Ace examined the extreme unfunniness of Cho not too long ago.

Ah. So the best part of a Margaret Cho show isn't when she's actually talking or telling jokes. It's when she's got her mouth shut, and you're filled with the tantalizing hope that This joke might actually turn out to be funny.

Hee. See? That's funny.