Dubai Dust-Up Continues

Posted: Mar 09, 2006 7:14 AM

The House Appropriations Committee voted 62-2 last night to block the Dubai port deal:

IN A major revolt by his own party, a key committee of Congress has defied the Bush Administration and voted to pass legislation that would block the deal giving a Dubai company operational control of six US ports.

The House Appropriations Committee's 62-2 vote to block the deal — even before the 45-day review period agreed to by the Administration last week — suggests it will be rejected overwhelmingly next week when the full House of Representatives votes on it.

After the vote, President George Bush repeated his threat to veto any legislation passed by Congress, but going by the vote in the Appropriations Committee, there is every chance that both houses of Congress would have the numbers to override a presidential veto. If President Bush did veto the legislation, it would be the first time he has used his veto power in the five years of his presidency.

Michelle Malkin has a big round-up of anti-deal opinion.

TCS Daily has an interesting defense of the deal today.

Meanwhile, Sen. Warner is planning a move to save the deal, and the port company is kicking off a PR blitz on the security issue.