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Survey Says!

Henry wants to understand you. Henry Copeland of BlogAds is surveying readers of political blogs to find out what makes them tick. It's all about y'all.

Help him out by filling out this 25-question survey. It took me no time at all, maybe five minutes.


And, for question #23, just list this as your referring blog. We conservatives have a responsibility to fill out this survey. A disproportionate number of Kos Kidz filling it out will serve to make bloggers and blog-readers look as crazy as the critics already think we are.

AP: 93 Percent of Blog-Readers Report Finding Michael Moore's Guidance 'Good/Inspirational'

Nobody wants that. Take-a the survey!

Here are some of the results from past BlogAds surveys, which prove that we blog-readers are in fact a well-educated, affluent bunch to whom many a retailer would want to sell things above and beyond pajamas (though we like those, too).


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