Twitter Activist: 'Racist' White Women Vote Trump Because He's 'Openly Racist'

Posted: Aug 12, 2020 9:30 PM
Twitter Activist: 'Racist' White Women Vote Trump Because He's 'Openly Racist'

Source: Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour

It’s a trope with which Trump voters are all too familiar: If you support the president, you’re racist.

That’s how Amee Vanderpool, an author and self-described feminist, characterized suburban women who back Donald Trump. Vanderpool took to Twitter on Wednesday to “fix” a tweet from the president in which he said suburban housewives would vote for him for safe neighborhoods.

Vanderpool doubled down on her comments in a follow-up tweet, asserting that her message captures what both Trump and “his followers” believe. She also argued that the president employs the “Southern Strategy” of seeking to garner white support by appealing to racism against black Americans.

It seems Vanderpool can’t fathom that the overwhelming majority of Trump voters’ support for him has nothing to do with race and everything to do with his policies, something conservatives on Twitter were quick to point out.   

In Vanderpool’s analysis, Americans voted for Trump not out of concern for religious liberty, protections for the unborn, the Supreme Court, national defense, concerns over China, the economy, or a host of other policy issues, but because of hatred for a skin color. She is apparently oblivious to the violent riots that have ravaged Democratic cities and the defunding of police departments that has caused gun sales to skyrocket. She is seemingly unaware of the spike in Trump’s approval rating among black Americans following the riots. At the beginning of June at the height of the unrest, Rasmussen found that the president’s support among African-American likely voters peaked at an all-time high of 41 percent.

Heads Won’t Roll
Kurt Schlichter

No, none of this could be the reason. It has to be racism. 

Vanderpool's tweets perfectly capture the irony of the Left. While progressives accuse Trump supporters of racism, it seems they are the ones obsessed with skin color, forever reducing complex issues to identity politics.