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Liberal University to Pay for Students' Abortions

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

A left-wing university in Connecticut will pay for its students’ abortions, according to a report from pro-life organization Live Action

Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut reportedly confirmed to Inside Higher Ed that abortion procedures would be covered by the university beginning in the fall. This would be after insurance has been met. In addition, the school will also pay for transportation to and from the abortion clinic and provide pain medication after the procedure. The school will also provide the morning after pill free of charge. 


In a statement, the Wesleyan Democratic Socialists, who pushed the policy, said that it’s helpful for “people with uteruses.” 

“Although Wesleyan is located in a state which protects the right to abortion, the renewed focus on reproductive care has illustrated the ways in which the University could better provide accessible care to people with uteruses. We strongly believe that Wesleyan should adopt these policies to ensure all students are able to overcome financial burdens and lack of transportation for abortion procedures,” an online petition from the organization read. It reportedly garnered over 700 signatures.

“Demand for reproductive healthcare, including birth control and abortion care, absolutely exists on college campuses. In a 2018 study, researchers in the UC system estimated that around 300 to 500 students per month at public universities in California sought medicinal (pill-based) abortions,” it continued. “The average cost of a pill-based abortion at Planned Parenthood West Hartford is between $576 and $662, and in clinic abortions (surgical) tend to cost between $600 and $1000, depending on what gestational period the patient is in. This isn’t affordable for many students (but should be affordable for a University with a 1.56 billion dollar endowment).


In a follow up post, the Wesleyan Democratic Socialists said their demands for free morning after pills, abortion transportation, all costs of abortion after insurance, Uber rides for clinic visits and post-op care would be met.

Live Action noted that other colleges have pro-life resources, like maternity homes, that help women in a crisis pregnancy give birth and raise their child while simultaneously earning their degree, proving that you do not have to terminate an unborn child’s life to reach your educational goals. 

One in particular is MiraVia, which is located at Belmont Abbey College, a private, Catholic university in North Carolina. The program is designed specifically to help out pregnant college students at nearby universities. The residence provides free room and board for a pregnant student and her children, as well as meals, material assistance, and provides life skills training. 


Rather than directing resources towards life-affirming efforts to help mothers and their babies, Wesleyan would rather use its endowment to help its students obtain an abortion. 

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