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AP Photo/Mary Altaffer, File

A former student of a New York teacher who allegedly forced a female student to use a male name and pronouns said that the teacher once called his entire class “sexist little children.” 


According to the New York Post, the student said during a Comsewogue school board meeting this week that the teacher, Debra Rosenquist, made the remark when he was a fifth-grade student. 

“One time, I think there were boys in the class and girls in the class and they were hanging out with each other,” the student said at the meeting. “She yelled at the whole class that we are sexist little children.” 

The unnamed student added that he was “offended personally because [his] best friend in the class was a girl.” 

“It was like, ‘Why would she do that to me?’ I was just a child. That affected me and made me very upset,” he explained. 

The student shared in the meeting several experiences where he was singled out by the teacher. 

“Another thing that she did, I remember, was, this isn’t a very serious thing, but in the back of the classroom there was a paper cutter, and I used it because I saw other students using it. No one got told they weren’t allowed to. And for some reason, me specifically, she brought me out in the hall and told me I wasn’t allowed to use it… and I had to write an apology letter to the [art] teacher and I said ‘Oh well, my mom and the principal said oh, well I don’t have to.’ And she said that she doesn’t really care what the principal or what my mom said about it.”


In another incident, the student said that he used a piece of paper provided by another teacher to gather people’s signatures to put with his school yearbook. The student said that other classmates were doing the same, but that Rosenquist said he wasn’t allowed to. 

“The teacher that I had asked, she [Rosenquist] said that I was taking advantage of the teacher’s kindness, or something like that. She punished me and said that I wasn’t allowed to sit with anybody or do anything for the last few days at school,” the student said. 

“What happened to me isn’t as serious as other stories, but it still affected me,” he said.

“When is enough enough? Remove the teacher! “ an adult shouted as the student paused during his remarks. Other adults shouted and clapped in agreement. 

“Even though what happened to me wasn’t a big thing, or…you know,” the student said as parents interrupted him, shouting “it doesn’t matter” and “she did it to you.” The student ended his remarks there and the parents in attendance gave him a standing ovation.

Townhall reported last week that Rosenquist allegedly singled-out and manipulated a 9-year-old girl into changing her gender without her parents’ knowledge or permission during the 2021-2022 school year, which led to harassment from her peers and caused her “suicidal ideation.” The Comsewogue School District Superintendent Jennifer Quinn and the school principal, Annemarie Sciove, are also named in the lawsuit filed by the girl’s parents. As Townhall noted, the lawsuit claims that parents of former students had previously reported Rosenquist to the district for teaching kids to “try being gay” and about transgender ideology. 


Debra Wabnick, the family’s attorney, told the New York Post last week that “the psychological and social damage Rosenquist caused this child and her family was immense.”

“Incredibly, the district still has Rosenquist in the classroom where she can similarly harm other innocent children,” Wabnick added.

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