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AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File

Republican Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced Tuesday that he will not be a candidate for Senate in 2022. 

Hogan made the announcement in a press conference where he said he does not aspire to be a Senator and appreciates those who’ve urged him to consider it. According to NBC-affiliated local outlet WBAL-TV, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell had been pushing for the governor to seek a term in the Senate.


“I want to put to rest a question that some of you have been asking me. I want to let you know that I will not be a candidate for the United States Senate. I sincerely appreciate all the people who have been encouraging me to consider it. A number of people have said that they thought I could make a difference in the Senate as a voice for common sense and moderation. I was humbled by that, and it certainly gave me and my family reason to consider it. But as I have repeatedly said, I don’t aspire to be a senator, and that fact has not changed.

Over the past week, as I was working on my State of the State address, it really drove it home for me even more clearly just how important it is that I finish the work that we’ve started together here. When I pledged to the people of Maryland that I was going to give this job as governor everything I’ve got every single day that I’m given, I meant it. And that commitment is far more important to me than any political campaign.

This does not mean that I plan to sit on the sidelines when it comes to the serious challenges facing our country and our democracy. I’m going to continue to call it like I see it, and I’ll keep speaking out about the divisiveness and dysfunction in Washington, and about fixing the broken politics. 

My current job as governor runs until January 2023, and then we’ll take a look and see what the future holds after that. But for now, I’m going to keep working hard over this next year, and I plan to run through the tape at the finish – next January.”


Reportedly, Hogan notified “key” Washington D.C. Republican lawmakers of his decision before the press conference. Florida Sen. Rick Scott, who served as Governor from 2011 to 2019, had “multiple recruitment conversations” with Hogan.

"In January of 2023, I'll have plenty of time to think about what the future holds. I think the world's going to be a different place a year from now," Hogan said Tuesday.

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