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Tom Cotton on the Virginia Governor’s Race: ‘Nothing’s Going to Save Terry McAuliffe’

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

In an interview on Wednesday, Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton, a Republican, said that Virginia’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Terry McAuliffe, has been “flailing for weeks” and that “nothing’s going to save [him]” in next week’s election.

In the Fox News interview, Cotton shared these remarks on the fast approaching election and responded to Biden’s comments at a recent McAuliffe campaign rally where said the economy is “on the right track,” though the current supply chain crisis shows otherwise.

In the ten-minute interview, Cotton started off by responding to findings from an Axios poll that shows 44 percent of Americans have confidence in Biden’s ability to ensure quick post-pandemic economic recovery, compared to 52 percent in January. As we’ve covered, Biden’s tanking approval numbers have made a dent in the approval of Democratic gubernatorial candidates in Virginia and New Jersey. However, McAuliffe has had Biden campaign for him, as well as former President Obama, ahead of the election.

“I think Terry McAuliffe is looking for any harbor in the storm. He’s been flailing for weeks now as his poll numbers sink under the weight of Joe Biden and the Democrat’s failed economic policies. So he’s called in Joe Biden, he’s called in Stacey Abrams, he called in Barack Obama. He’s looking for anyone to help save his failing campaign, but nothing’s going to save Terry McAuliffe,” Cotton stated in the interview. “That race next week is going to be canary in the coal mine when Glenn Youngkin is elected governor of Virginia as a preview of what will happen next November when the American people repudiate Joe Biden and the Democrats and elect Republicans and take back control of the Congress.”

Cotton then responded to comments made by Biden this week at a McAuliffe rally, where he compared the current economy to the state of the economy when President Trump was in office. In his remarks, Biden boasted that the economy now is “on the right track” and household wealth and the stock market are higher than they’ve ever been.

“It’s amazing that Joe Biden thinks the economy is on the right track. Just goes to show how out-of-touch he and the Democrats are. They probably haven’t spoken to folks who are paying three and four dollars a gallon to fill up their tank, or to families who are stretching their budgets each week just to pay for higher prices at the grocery store,” Cotton said in the interview. He added that the Democrats are trying to add another two trillion dollars of spending into the economy to spend on welfare benefits for illegal aliens or on green energy programs.

“Joe Biden and the Democrats are out-of-touch,” Cotton continued.”they’re part of the problem we have in the country right now, in the economy, and their plans will only make it worse.”

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