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Abortion Provider Testifies That Abortion ‘Saves Lives,’ Is ‘Freedom’ And an ‘Act of Love'

AP Photo/Jeff Roberson

On Thursday, Texas-based abortion provider Dr. Ghazaleh Moayedi testified in a House Oversight Committe hearing over laws restricting abortion access. In her testimony, the she described abortion as an act of “love” and “freedom.”


In Moayedi’s testimony, she spoke on S.B. 8, a newly-enacted law in Texas that prohibits abortion upon fetal heartbeat detection, which occurs at around six weeks of pregnancy. The law, which took effect Sept. 1, was upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States in a 5-4 vote.

“S.B. 8 has not only caused a near-total abortion ban in Texas, it has made it extremely dangerous to be pregnant in Texas,” Moayedi stated in her testimony. “Texas deserves better. I know firsthand that abortion saves lives. For the thousands of people I’ve cared for, abortion is a blessing. Abortion is an act of love. Abortion is freedom.”

Pro-life lawmakers, journalists, and more responded to Moayedi’s remarks, noting that abortion ends the life of an unborn baby and that it is the polar opposite of a blessing, act of love, or freedom.


Needless to say, the Left has come a long way from “safe, legal, and rare.”

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