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Video: AIPAC Attendee Beaten, Chased By Anti-Israel Protesters

UPDATE: The "journalist" is ANSWER coalition member Mike Prysner. Far from a journalist, he is in fact with the organizers of the Anti-Israel protest. He is also with an organization called "March Forward," which calls for the immediate dismissal of the entire Officer Corps of the US Military.


Allegations are flying after a violent altercation outside of the AIPAC Conference in Washington, DC. But the journalist who is claiming he was attacked by an AIPAC attendee seems to forget that I filmed him threatening two conference attendees.

The first video is the incident itself showing AIPAC members fleeing an angry mob.

The Anti-Israel crowd could be heard screaming "run inside" and "that's what you get."

This video contains strong language.

The second video is my interaction with the journalist who claims he was attacked. This video was taken moments before the incident. He can be heard warning AIPAC attendees that they are "lucky" the police are close by.

Clearly this individual came to the event with an agenda. Why is a credentialed journalist making threats while covering an event?

Police would not comment on arrests or potential charges related to the incident.

The Anti-Israel group bullied conference attendees throughout the day. As AIPAC supporters entered the conference they were greeted with shouts of "murderer" and "baby killer" from the angry crowd.

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