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Spanish Minister Sums Up Climate Hypocrisy in One Scene

AP Photo/Peter Dejong

In a video that’s now gone viral, Spanish Ecological Transition Minister Teresa Ribera is shown riding a bike to an informal European Union climate summit where “bicycle policy” to reduce use of gas-guzzling automobiles was a main item on the agenda. 


The virtue signaling move saw Ribera, a member of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party, escorted to the meeting in Valladolid, Spain, by an official security vehicle in front and behind her on the street.

Besides allegedly snarling traffic, her carbon footprint was twice what was required. Some reports said that the minister had emerged from a limousine 100 meters from the event and got on the bike there.

Ms. Ribera certainly didn’t cycle from Madrid, 120 miles away, which led to more speculation about her carbon emissions. According to Falcon Despega, a website that tracks Spanish government-owned aircraft, a military jet traveled from Madrid early Monday to Valladolid. Its passenger list isn’t known, and Ms. Ribera’s office tweeted that she didn’t use a plane. Press reports indicate that the minister’s office originally said she traveled by train but later said she used a hybrid car to make the trip. Either way, carbon emitted.

All of this is highly amusing because the climate glitterati want so much to appear virtuous but can’t give up the travel and other benefits of evil fossil fuels. (WSJ)

While Ribera shut off her replies, that didn't stop Twitter users from sounding off about the hypocrisy.


"They want us to believe that they are very concerned about the environment, until you see the making of their promotional photos," read one response in Spanish.

"Teresa Ribera's thing about making you arrive by bicycle at a climate summit, traveling barely a hundred meters, escorted by two armored gasoline cars is another image that perfectly defines this government," said another.

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