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Watch Company Comes Out With 'Brilliant' Ad Taking on 'Woke Corporate America'

Egard Watch Company

In a video response to “woke corporate America,” Egard Watch Company took a firm stand in the debate over transgender athletes competing in women’s sports. 


The “#Erased” ad features a young girl being encouraged to pursue a dream of becoming "the fastest runner in the world."

"I got this little nugget of an idea from my dad," she says in the ad. "He used to watch me run and say, ‘aint no woman alive that can beat you,’ and I believed him. He made me feel invincible. It wasn’t easy. I trained hard, harder than anyone else I know. But I was made for this, an unstoppable force. A life dedicated to perfection. But even perfection wouldn’t be enough.”

That's when the camera zooms in on the face of a biological male competing. 

Various headlines are then shown of men dominating women's sports:

- “Transgender woman who last year competed as a man wins NCAA track championship”

- “ESPN honors Trans Athlete Lia Thomas in ‘Celebrating Womens’ History Month’ Segment” 

- “Fallon Fox MMA: How many skulls has the under-fire transgender MMA fighter been accused of breaking?” 


"We are a company that believes in truth," Egard said in a tweet accompanying the video. 

The ad was praised on social media as "brilliant." 

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