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Trump Announces Plan to End Homelessness. The Left Will Hate It.

AP Photo/Richard Vogel

Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday released his plan to address homelessness in the U.S., which he says has contributed to the decline of America’s once-great cities.


“The homeless have no right to turn every park and sidewalk into a place for them to squat and do drugs,” he said in a video statement. “Americans should not have to step over piles of needles and waste as they walk down a street in a beautiful city -- at least, a once-beautiful city. Because they've changed so much over the last ten years.” 

The 45th president argued that the majority should not have to “suffer” in these areas because of a “deeply unwell few.” If reelected, Trump said he will get the homeless off the streets and given access to the help they need.

“There is nothing compassionate about letting these individuals live in filth and squalor,” Trump argued. 

“For a small fraction of what we spend upon Ukraine, we could take care of every homeless veteran in America,” he pointed out. “Our veterans are being treated horribly. Likewise, with all of the money we will save by ending mass unskilled migration, we will have a huge dividend to address this crisis in our own country.”

Urban camping will be banned and those who violate the bans will be arrested, he said, clarifying that the individuals will be given an option to get treatment if they are willing to be rehabilitated. 

As for where they will be taken, Trump said “large parcels of inexpensive land” will be opened where a range of medical professionals, social workers, and drug rehab specialists will care for the homeless to address their problems.


“For those who are just temporarily down on their luck, we will work to help them quickly reintegrate into a normal life,” Trump continued. “For those who have addictions, substance abuse, and common mental health problems, we will get them into treatment. And for those who are severely mentally ill and deeply disturbed, we will bring them back to mental institutions where they belong, with the goal of reintegrating them back into society once they are well enough to manage. It's a tough task, a very tough task.”

He said the plan is better than some of the alternatives being tried—such as housing them in hotels without addressing their underlying issues.

“This is how I will end the scourge of homelessness and make our cities clean and safe and beautiful once again,” Trump concluded. “We will do it. We will bring back America.”

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