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Musk Steps in After GOP Senator Thrown in Twitter Jail for 'Insane' Reason

Tom Williams, Pool via AP

Republican Sen. Steve Daines of Montana is out of Twitter jail but only after the company's owner, Elon Musk, stepped in to bring some common sense to the social media giant's policies. 


The lawmaker had been informed on Monday that his profile picture violated Twitter's rules against “graphic violence or adult content in profile images.” The “violence” in question was a photograph of Daines and his wife, Cindy, posing with an antelope they hunted. Only a few drops of blood are visible when the photo is enlarged. 

“The Senator thinks it’s preposterous that a picture of him and his wife hunting — an activity that is engrained in the Montana way of life — would be against Twitter rules,” the senator’s office said. “Our team has reached out to Twitter, and we’ll be working to get this resolved.” 

Initially, a Twitter representative said images of dead animals or blood in profile photos are not allowed because they can’t “label them as NSFW and keep them from being seen by users who specifically don’t want to see graphic images, including minors.” 

Several of his colleagues rallied to his defense.


A spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which Daines chairs, also called out Twitter.

"This is insane. Twitter should immediately reverse this suspension,” said Philip Letsou in a statement. 

Fortunately Twitter chief Elon Musk stepped in to have the policy amended. 


“Policy against showing blood in profile pic is being amended to ‘clearly showing blood without clicking on the profile pic’,” he said. “The intent is to avoid people being forced to see gruesome profile pics.”

Musk added: “Going forward, Twitter will be broadly accepting of different values, rather than trying to impose its own specific values on the world.

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