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AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

Family disagreements over politics are nothing new or surprising, but when it happens to prominent figures, it's always entertaining. Just recall how California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s in-laws didn’t just support a Republican but donated $5,000 to the Friends of Ron DeSantis PAC—the progressive’s bitter rival—and moved from the Golden State to the Sunshine State at the beginning of the pandemic.

Over in Missouri, there’s another family political battle brewing. 

Billionaire Billy Busch Sr. of Anheuser-Busch fame is supporting Eric Schmitt in the Missouri Senate race over his own sister, Democrat Trudy Busch Valentine. 

In an interview with Dr. Gina Loudon on Real America’s Voice, he explained why he believes his sister, whom he does not have a good relationship with, will be a rubber stamp for the Biden administration. 

Acknowledging the privilege his family grew up in, Busch explained that he thinks Trudy "looked down on the middle class and the poor people and didn't think they were good enough."

While he said he hasn't spoken with her in about five or six years, Busch explained he was confused by why she would be running. 

"I do know how we grew up and I knew what she stood for then. So it’s a little perplexing to me why she’s running in the first place, and then why she’d be running as a Democrat," he said. "And, you know, that’s the other thing I don’t understand – she tragically lost a son to…drugs, and…to be in the Democratic camp right now, when they’re opening the borders, when they let these illegal immigrants through, which – a lot of them are criminals, as we all know; they’re bringing in drugs…human traffickers are coming through, openly, and, you know, these drugs are killing people. And so, I just don’t understand. Now, I heard she was for closed borders, but it just doesn’t add up that she would be on the Democratic ticket."

When Loudon pressed for a reason why she's not the person for the job, Busch summed it up in two words: "she's inexperienced."

"I think she talks about bringing both parties together, and that’s exactly what Joe Biden did when he was running for president, and I don’t think we’ve ever been more divided in our country than we are right now," he said. "And I know how divisive she can be with our families, and with life in general. So, you know, again, I haven’t talked to her in five or six years, but still, I just don’t know if she’s changed that much…and really…I don’t know why she’s running. I don’t understand it – other than I know she was a big Hillary Clinton backer. She backed her in the 2016 election, and gave her a lot of money, and had a private event for her to raise money. But for her to be doing what she’s doing – I guess she’s got a calling, I don’t know what it is."

While his sister's candidacy may puzzle him, Busch said he "100 percent" supports Republican Eric Schmitt.

"From what I understand, Eric Schmitt is actually from a pretty blue collar background – not that you can’t run, obviously…a lot of people loved Donald Trump, and Donald Trump is somebody who definitely was raised with a silver spoon, but you see the manifestation in his children, like I do in your children, honestly, Billy, of hard work and a lot of the values that are at the core of America," Loudon said. "But you’re telling me that, in Trudy, we have a candidate who grew up with chauffeurs, grew up with servants, and isn’t now able to understand the peril of everyday Americans who are going through a literal hell because of Joe Biden, and…it sounds to me like that’s what you’re fighting."

Busch said she nailed it. And despite the fact that he grew up under the same conditions he says he's "more down to earth than [Trudy] ever was."

"I run businesses, I’ve been out in the real world, making my way for quite a while now…so I see what’s going on out there," he added. "And, again, I just think it’s very important that we have a voice in this election, and we speak up for America, and speak up for our freedom and what this wonderful country – what the constitutions were based on. Because that’s how Trudy’s and my family got to where we are today. It was because of the American dream – and that is going away under the Biden administration."


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