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One Liberal Media Outlet Predicted Trudeau's Descent Into Dictatorship...in 2015

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

With Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau behaving like a dictator as he attempts to crack down on the Freedom Convoy protest in his country, some are saying, “I told you so.”


Back in 2015, as leader of the Liberal Party and prior to taking office that same year, The Huffington Post reprinted a blog post with a prescient warning about Trudeau.

“Why Canada Will Become a Dictatorship Under Trudeau,” read the headline, which appeared in the now defunct HuffPost Canada section. The original story ran in the Prince Arthur Herald, but has since been removed.

“It's becoming clearer as the days of Trudeau's Liberals wear on: if elected Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau would turn Canada into a dictatorship,” read the first line.

The author pointed to Trudeau’s open admiration for China’s “basic dictatorship,” the way he runs the Liberal Party, his requirement that members vote pro-choice, and the expulsion of “Senate Liberals," as but a few examples.

How else can one explain the police-enforced acclamation of Andrew Leslie as the Liberal candidate for Orleans? Even with hundreds of Liberals attending the meeting to show their support for another candidate (and former Trudeau leadership rival), it was clear from the beginning that Leslie was Trudeau's hand-picked favourite, and certainly wouldn't be stopped by pesky processes like "democracy."

Just the imagery of Trudeau's chosen candidate being selected with police intervention is scary. It shows that Trudeau doesn't just admire China's dictatorship -- he would practice one if he had the chance.

The nomination in Orleans is only the latest rigged "open nomination." Despite Trudeau's promises to actually, you know, practice democracy, at least a half dozen Liberal nominations have been rigged or tampered with through the direct intervention of Trudeau's office: mysteriously disqualifying candidates, changing nomination dates, paperwork going "missing," and using dirty "back-room" politics to ensure the leader's candidate is chosen at any cost. (The Huffington Post)


The author argued that by that point, Trudeau had already turned his party into a dictatorship and he'd do the same if he ran the country. 

"The leader of that party does what he wants, when he wants, and no one dares question him," the author noted, hoping to never find out what Canada would become under his leadership.

Now we know. 

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