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California Republicans Wore the Perfect Masks as They Called for End to Newsom's State of Emergency

California Assembly Republicans/Twitter

California Republicans made quite the political statement on Thursday as they sought to end the State of Emergency Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom put in place March 4, 2020.


Though the Democrat-controlled Legislature voted to keep the emergency order, even as Los Angeles is set to host the Super Bowl this weekend, the Republicans put Newsom’s hypocrisy on full display by wearing matching masks that pictured Newsom without a face covering posing with basketball legend Magic Johnson.

In response to that mask controversy, Newsom said he was trying to be “gracious.”


“I took the mask off for a brief second but, no, I encourage people to continue to wear them,” he added. 

Other photos and videos from the NFC Championship game call his claim into question, however.

In response to the effort by Republicans to end the State of Emergency, a spokesperson for Newsom said elected officials ought to “stop with the political theatre.”

“Elected officials should focus on what best serves their constituents and stop with the political theatre. Apparently, they believe it would have been better to let Californians die and be turned away from care when hospitals reached capacity during the Omicron surge,” the spokesperson said, reports

Assembly Member Kevin Kiley, R-Rocklin, reminded Newsom that other Democratic governors have moved on.

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