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NJ Gym Owner Who Refused to Close During Lockdown Has Finally Been Sentenced


Ian Smith, co-owner of New Jersey-based Atilis Gym, was sentenced Thursday after refusing to close his gym during the Garden State’s lockdown and resisting all orders from the state.


The defiant gym owner was fined $1.2 million for his noncompliance but he never backed down, going so far as to remove the gym’s doors so police couldn’t lock them.

“Thanks to all who joined in on our sentencing hearing. So many came that the server crashed. We got one year probation for the crime of taking our doors off to prevent government goons from locking us out of our gym. @theatilisgym is open and will remain open at any cost,” he said on Twitter.

Last year, Smith warned Gov. Phil Murphy the only way the Democrat would ever be successful in closing his gym's doors is when he's dead.

“We have been open against unconstitutional shut down orders since May,” he said in December of 2020. “Not once have we flinched, and the petty tyrant of New Jersey governor Murphy has tried everything he could possibly think of to ruin us. Over seven months later we will open our doors every single day. No government official will ever tell me that I am not able to provide for my family. I do not answer to public servants – no matter what threats or punishments they impose. I am a free man. I do not ask for permission. I do not ask for forgiveness. You work for us. The only way you’ll ever close these doors is when you close my casket.”


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