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GOP Senator Shares Must-see Clips from Panel with Medical Experts Who've Been Silenced During Pandemic

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Last week, Sen. Ron Johnson held an important panel discussion with medical experts and physicians to get a "second opinion" on the Covid-19 response. 

The 12 panelists, among others, discussed limiting the spread of the virus, early at-home treatment, hospital treatment, and vaccines. One of the dominant themes from the event was how their voices were silenced, reputations sullied, and worse.

One physician remarked that traditionally, discussions about medicine and treatment of disease used to take place at conferences, but that has ended with Covid-19. "It's kind of strange that this meeting has to take place in the U.S. Senate," he said. "Given the current state of affairs, that's where we are. … The extreme censorship and attacks have led us to this place."

Johnson shared a number of clips from the discussion that are well worth watching for those interested in hearing a different side of the story. 


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