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What Happens When a Peanut Butter Brand Wades into the World of Woke Politics

AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast, file)

From the shampoo you use to the lotion you buy to the razor you shave with, it seems every company has had to make a political statement in recent years, whether it's on gay rights, transgender issues, or racism.

Now, you will be forced to care about what a favorite peanut butter brand thinks about pronouns. 

Last month, KRAFT Peanut Butter launched a limited-edition children's book for Transgender Awareness Week, titled "His, Hers, Them & Theirs: Learning Pronouns with the Bears." 

"With the help of Kraft Peanut Butter's iconic Bears, Crunchy and Smoothie, the book aims to guide parents and families through conversations at home surrounding pronoun use and why they're important," a press release states. 

"To help bring the storybook to life, Kraft Peanut Butter enlisted the help of Transgender Author, Nick North and LGBTQ2S+ Illustrator, Paul Dotey to create a story that makes it easy for parents to talk to their kids about pronoun use and help families learn why these conversations are important in a way kids can follow along," the statement continues. "By normalizing these conversations, Kraft Peanut Butter hopes to continue encouraging acceptance, inclusivity and safety while bringing communities together."

(In case you're asking yourself what the heck LGBTQ2S+ is, my colleague Spencer Brown came to the rescue: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, and Two-Spirit. Yes, really.)

"As a brand that is focused on nourishing connections and fostering acceptance, it is essential for Kraft Peanut Butter to contribute to a more inclusive, accepting space and drive progress through tangible action. Educating the next generation of Canadians to stick together is an important part of setting up a future of inclusivity for all, and we hope this book and our bears can help facilitate learning to move the conversation forward," Jacqueline Chao, Brand Manager, Brand Building & Innovation, Kraft Heinz Canada, said in a statement. 

The company tweeted about the book but shut off the comments. 

Still, that couldn't stop the quote tweets. 


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