'Insane' Photos from Kentucky High School's Homecoming Event Trigger Investigation

Posted: Oct 28, 2021 8:00 AM
'Insane' Photos from Kentucky High School's Homecoming Event Trigger Investigation

Source: Twitter/screenshot

Part of a Kentucky high school’s homecoming events are now under investigation after shocking photos showed scantily clad students giving lap dances to faculty and staff. 

Incredibly, the pictures of the “Man Pageant” and “Costume Day” were posted by the Hazard High School’s own athletics department. Principal Donald Mobelini is among those shown receiving a lap dance. He is also mayor of Hazard.

Other photos on the athletics page that also were later taken down showed female students dressed up in "Hooters" outfits and students and staff appearing to paddle one another.

Mobelini, the principal and mayor, did not immediately return a request for comment Wednesday.

Sondra Combs, superintendents of Hazard Independent Schools, told The Courier Journal the district "has a tradition of excellence and academics and everything we do, but the incident is being investigated and once the investigation is complete, appropriate action will be taken." (Courier Journal)

"The activities were part of Homecoming festivities and were driven by the students," Hazard County Schools Superintendent Sandra Combs said in a statement. "We strive to foster creativity in our students, but unfortunately, this time it was carried too far. Spirit Week at Hazard High School has a long and celebrated tradition. Homecoming activities were planned as a celebration for students, staff, and the school community. All were intended to be fun and good-natured however, the activities did not play out as intended. While Homecoming is an annual tradition, there has never been any issue raised prior to this year. Now that an issue has arisen, we are taking this opportunity to review policy and procedures to make certain that it does not happen again."

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