Pentagon, ICE Admit They're Secretly Transporting Illegal Immigrants Across Country

Posted: Jul 15, 2021 10:45 AM
Pentagon, ICE Admit They're Secretly Transporting Illegal Immigrants Across Country

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Earlier this year, the Biden administration initially sought to hide what the conditions at some of its detention centers were like, barring media from accessing the facilities and reporting on the humanitarian crisis at the border. The media blackout angered those on the Left and Right, given the administration vowed to be transparent in all matters. After increasing pressure, reporters were finally allowed to enter, and what they discovered was a "humanitarian and public health crisis," according to Sen. Ted Cruz. But that's not all the administration tried hiding about the border crisis.

The Department of Homeland Security is using a military air force base to secretly transfer illegal immigrants across the country. 

Fox News's Tucker Carlson received from a whistleblower a leaked email from Air Force Lt. Col. Matthew Burrows detailing the arrangement to subordinates.

"Over the next few days, weeks, or months you may see passenger aircraft on our ramp transporting undocumented non-citizens," the email says. "In coordination with the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Del Rio Border Patrol will be using the Laughlin AFB runway to transport undocumented non-citizens via a Boeing 747." 

The email advises against taking pictures or posting about the situation on social media. "If anyone asks you about it, refer them to public affairs," the email states.

The Pentagon confirmed the email's authenticity to Carlson's show, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement also released a statement. 

"On June 17, 2021, a Memorandum of Agreement, or MOA, between DHS and DOD was signed by all parties and finalized," the statement reads. "On June 29, 2021, ICE Air Operations utilized Laughlin Air Force Base for the first time, pursuant to the MOA, to transport non-citizens from CBP custody to ICE custody. Since June 29, approximately 780 non-citizens were transferred via ICE Air on six ICE Air flights." 

The statement continues: "Collaboration with federal partners enables ICE to transfer non-citizens safely and humanely to ICE field offices where the appropriate level of custody and supervision will be determined. ICE Air conducts southwest border flights which involve the transfer of migrants from CBP custody to ICE custody." 

Rather than clear things up, Carlson said ICE's statement raised even more questions.

"What other military resources are being used to conduct this, an operation that most Americans knew nothing about, that they did not consent to, that Congress never voted on, and which is clearly illegal?" the Fox News host wondered.

"Where are these people going? They are being moved to another form of custody, and then their fate will be determined, but where did they end up? Into what communities were they placed? How many federal dollars were spent doing this? Did the people into whose neighborhood they were placed have any say in it at all?"