'This Isn't Aging Well': Why People Are Revisiting AOC’s Recent Tweet About Protesting

Posted: Jan 07, 2021 7:30 AM
'This Isn't Aging Well': Why People Are Revisiting AOC’s Recent Tweet About Protesting

Source: AP Photo/Susan Walsh

After Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol Building in response to the certification of the Electoral College vote, people on Twitter began taking a second look at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s December tweet explaining why people protest.

“What if activists aren’t PR firms for politicians & their demands are bc police budgets are exploding, community resources are shrinking to bankroll it, & ppl brought this up for ages but it wasn’t until they said 'defund' that comfortable people started paying attn to brutality," she said on Dec. 2. “The thing that critics of activists don’t get is that they tried playing the 'polite language' policy game and all it did was make them easier to ignore. It wasn’t until they made folks uncomfortable that there was traction to do ANYTHING even if it wasn’t their full demands.”

She continued: “The whole point of protesting is to make ppl uncomfortable. Activists take that discomfort w/ the status quo & advocate for concrete policy changes. Popular support often starts small & grows. To folks who complain protest demands make others uncomfortable... that’s the point.”

Many pointed out that the tweet did not age well.

The progressive Democrat's communications director accused the right of "twisting" her words to imply she "supports violence."

In response, The Federalist's Sean Davis commented, "You almost have to marvel at how unashamedly Orwellian and totalitarian these people are."

On Wednesday, Ocasio-Cortez began calling for impeaching President Trump and appeared supportive of efforts to expel members of Congress “who have incited this domestic terror attack through their attempts to overturn the election.”

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