2020 Will Go Down as the 'Year Socialism Went Mainstream,' Haley Says

Posted: Dec 29, 2020 7:31 AM
2020 Will Go Down as the 'Year Socialism Went Mainstream,' Haley Says

Source: AP Photo/Seth Wenig

While 2020 will be remembered as the year of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns, Nikki Haley said it also was the year "socialism went mainstream."

“The dangerous ideology, which has failed everywhere it has been tried & ruined countless lives, is on its way to becoming the default economic policy of the Democratic Party," she said on Twitter. "This terrifying trend threatens the future of every American.”

She followed up by noting that a lesson that can be learned from 2020 is that when “government dictates how the economy is run, Americans suffer.”

With an incoming Biden administration, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations said “now is the time to renew the fight for capitalism.”

Haley linked to an article from Stand for America, an advocacy group she founded, titled, “2020 in Review: Socialism Rising.”

The rise of socialism in America has been in the works for a long time, she argued, which was on full display four years ago when Sen. Bernie Sanders—a socialist—almost became the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee. He came close again in 2020, and he’s not alone.

“[S]ocialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) are exerting tremendous pressure on leftist language and policy. In states like New York and in Congress, the ranks of far-left legislators are growing. The socialist left is more powerful than at any point in recent memory,” Haley said.
 “The effects can be seen at every level of liberal politics. The Democrat Party now demands a government health plan that would destroy private health care, an energy plan like the “Green New Deal” that would use the power of government to remake virtually the entire economy, greater government power over job creators and workers through heavy-handed mandates, and massive tax hikes that would bring the economy to a crawl,” she continued. “Add to that doubling down on debt-fueled spending by calling to “cancel” student debt, rent, and mortgage payments — the list goes on.”

Haley said the only way socialism will succeed in America is if patriots “don’t show up.” 

“So let’s show up, stand up, and speak out, for the sake of America’s future,” she concluded. 

An incoming group of Republican lawmakers has vowed to take up the fight. Known as the “Freedom Force,” the GOPers are challenging the progressive “Squad” head on. 

Among those in the new group are: Reps.-elect Nicole Malliotakis of New York; Maria Elvira Salazar of Florida; Michelle Steele of California; Stephanie Bice of Oklahoma; Victoria Spartz of Indiana; Burgess Owens of Utah; and Carlos Giménez and Byron Donalds of Florida.

“For me, socialism is personal," Malliotakis told The Wall Street Journal earlier this month. "We’re going to fight back vehemently when we see policies being proposed that will fundamentally change our nation.”

Salazar shared a similar message with NBC News: “I want to create a force within my freshman class that will have to be reckoned with. A force of reason, a force for freedom, a force for democracy.”