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Biden's Worst Moments From Tuesday's Press Conference

AP Photo/Matt Slocum

Joe Biden is much better off staying in the basement—a point his surrogates have even admitted. Any time he ventures out it’s one disaster after another. His event Tuesday was no different.


After a speech in his home state of Delaware slamming President Trump over his coronavirus response, Biden took questions from reporters. As Fox News’s political analyst Gianno Caldwell observed, it was just sad. Really, really sad.

Here are some of the worst moments from the event.

Biden admitted his handlers prepared a list of reporters he should call on.

Biden confused the Jefferson and Lincoln memorials. 

He couldn't remember the name of his hometown newspaper (even with his notes in front of him).

The woman doing sign language for the event struggled with her task given how often Biden forgot his train of thought and stumbled through responses. 


The question for Biden was whether he had started debate prep...

Finally, after a question about his cognitive abilities, the former vice president admitted he is "constantly tested" for cognitive decline. 

As the MRC's Brent Bozell said, the media were clearly not there to be intrepid reporters. 

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