'This Is Where Our Country's Going': Rolfe's Stepmother Fired From Job

Posted: Jun 19, 2020 7:30 AM
'This Is Where Our Country's Going': Rolfe's Stepmother Fired From Job

Source: Atlanta Police Department via AP

The stepmother of Garrett Rolfe, the former Atlanta police officer who fatally shot Rayshard Brooks last week, was fired from her job as a human resources director at Equity Prime Mortgage, Fox News’s Tucker Carlson reported Thursday.

"Rolfe was promised that her job was safe, but today she was told, and we're quoting, 'We have to terminate our relationship with you.' No other explanation was offered," Carlson said. 

"Apparently…[her] only crime was being officer Rolfe's stepmother." 

Though she was quickly scrubbed from the company’s website, archives from May show her among the leadership staff.

After press inquiries, the company released a statement saying she was terminated for violating company policy without providing details. 

"As an employer, it is imperative to maintain a safe environment for all employees. Melissa Rolfe's termination was a director result of her actions in the workplace and violation of company policy," the company said in a statement on Twitter. "While working with Melissa as she transitioned to a leave of absence granted by our organization, we discovered she violated company policy and created an uncomfortable working environment for many of our employees. As an HR director, she ultimately lost the confidence of her peers, leadership, and many employees who no longer felt comfortable engaging with her. We value diversity of thought and respect Melissa's personal views and the views of all employees; however, when those views create a hostile working environment, we must make difficult decisions to part ways."

Prior to that message, EPM shared a statement about how the company is committed to “diversity, equality, and inclusion.”

Carlson said this will continue happening “until lawmakers decide to resist the mob.”

“This is where the country’s going,” he said. “It’s becoming a place where you can be punished for the supposed misdeeds of your relatives. You don’t want to be that country. All of us should put on the brakes immediately.”

Rolfe faces 11 counts, including felony murder, for shooting Brooks, who resisted arrest, assaulted the officers, stole a weapon, and fired the taser at them. “[T]o describe this as mere ‘overcharging’ would be woefully insufficient,” Andrew McCarthy notes. 

The killing of Brooks, who was violently resisting arrest and attempting to flee, is still under investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI). But in the wake of George Floyd’s recent killing by Minneapolis police officers, the Black Lives Matter demagogues refuse to wait for evidence-based conclusions. They will tolerate no storyline other than the slanderous fiction that we are all expected not just to abide but endorse: Institutionally racist cops are hunting down black men.

So prosecutor Howard, did not wait for the GBI to finish its probe. The mob was demanding a scalp, so he gave them a scalp. (National Review)

A felony murder conviction in Georgia is either life in prison (with or without parole) or the death penalty.