Biden Forgets Obama's Name...Again

Posted: Mar 09, 2020 8:30 AM
Biden Forgets Obama's Name...Again

Source: AP Photo/John Locher

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden forgot President Obama’s name during a campaign event last week, stumbling through his comments by referring to him as “my boss.”

Republican National Committee's Rapid Response Director Steve Guest shared the clip along with several others, showing this is far from the first time the former vice president, who’s riding Obama’s coattails, has forgotten his name.

“Because they invaded another country and annexed a significant portion of it called Crimea. He's saying that it was President [awkward long pause] my boss," Biden says. "It was his fault."

Biden's repeated "gaffes" have turned into serious discussions about Biden's mental acuity. President Trump said last week that "there's something going on there."

"So mentally, I'm all set for Bernie," Trump said. "Communist -- I had everything down. He's a communist. I was all set. Then we have this crazy thing that happened, right, on Tuesday, which he thought was Thursday."

"But he also said 150 million people were killed with guns and he was running for the United States Senate ... There's something going on there," Trump warned.

According to some, Democratic insiders know, they just don't care. 

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