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Critics Blast Politico for Changing Its Headline About USMCA's Senate Passage

P Photo/Martin Mejia

The United States Mexico Canada Agreement passed the Senate on Thursday, 89-10, replacing the 26-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement.

U.S. trade representative Robert Lighthizer praised the strong bipartisan support the trade deal received in both chambers, saying “a new chapter in U.S. trade policy has begun.” 

“The USMCA is the first trade agreement that will result in more manufacturing jobs, not fewer.  It is the first agreement that contains strong, enforceable labor and environmental standards that will help to level the playing field for American workers,” he continued. “ It is the first trade agreement that embraces the promise of the digital economy and enhances America’s competitive advantage in technology and innovation.  It is the first agreement with strong, enforceable disciplines against unfair, market distorting subsidies and currency manipulation.  And it is the first trade agreement that contains a ‘sunset’ provision that will give future administrations leverage to ensure that, unlike the disaster that was NAFTA, USMCA will never become outdated and out of balance.  USMCA is now the new gold standard against which all future trade agreements will be judged.”

In addition to its overwhelming supported in Congress, labor unions also welcomed the deal, with AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka endorsing the agreement he said "working people can proudly support.”

While many in the media acknowledged USMCA was a big win for Trump, not all media outlets could stomach giving any praise to the president, it seems.

Politico changed its original headline about the bill's passage from "Senate passes USMCA in major win for Trump" to "Senate passes USMCA, but much work remains." 

Critics were quick to notice.

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