GOP Lawmakers Slam Pelosi's Golden Pens, But Ted Cruz Had the Best Response

Posted: Jan 16, 2020 9:30 AM
GOP Lawmakers Slam Pelosi's Golden Pens, But Ted Cruz Had the Best Response

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Despite House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s insistence that impeachment was a “somber” and "sad" event, her signing of the articles of impeachment Wednesday showed how serious she was about her past claims. 

As Beth reported, even CNN commentators called her out over the optics of her smiling, taking photographs, and handing out pens delivered on silver platters. 

"I thought that was a little jarring and certainly, I think, off message," said CNN’s senior political reporter Nia-Malika.

Republican lawmakers agreed. 

Rep. Jody Hice said the speaker's "'engrossment ceremony' proves that she cares more about politics than truth." 

Rep. Steve Scalise commented that Democrats' behavior on Wednesday was "unbelievable."

Rep. Mark Meadows said "you can't make up" what happened Wednesday during the signing.

And Rep. Paul Gosar characterized it as another "made for TV moment at the expense of our Country."

But Sen. Ted Cruz had the best response, joking that crayons would've been more appropriate for Pelosi to use.

Speaking to Fox News on Wednesday, Cruz said the silver lining is that "Pelosi's circus is done" and now impeachment is in the Senate's hands. 

"The good news is the partisan circus in the House is over. Nancy Pelosi’s circus is done. And we’re not going to see the one-sided show trial that the House has engaged in for months and months and months," he said. "That farce is over. In the Senate, here’s what I hope happens; I hope the Senate — I’m confident the Senate will conduct a fair trial. That means we’ll give the House managers an opportunity to present their case.

"We’ll listen to what they have to say; but then we’re going to do something that the House didn’t do: which is we’re going to give President Trump a full opportunity to defend himself, to present his case, to lay out the facts and evidence in law that the House ignored."

Cruz said he believes President Trump will be acquitted. 

"And so we’ve moved out of Nancy Pelosi’s world," he continued. "It’s why she delayed this for so long, because she knew that once the House no longer had it, that they wouldn’t be able to put on a kangaroo court like they have, and instead we’re going to move in the Senate, where I hope and believe we’re going to follow the law, and that means we’re going to acquit the president."