Loesch Calls Out Bloomberg for Misleading Gun Stat in Viral Campaign Video

Posted: Dec 17, 2019 8:10 AM

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg released a campaign video listing the school shootings that have happened on President Trump’s watch, claiming “21 students are shot every day” due to his “unwillingness to act.”

But gun rights advocate and Second Amendment expert Dana Loesch pointed out how misleading the viral video is because the former NYC mayor is making it seem as though “madmen are targeting kids at schools when in reality, every available statistical resource from BJS to FBI Uniform Crime Reports to countless pediatric surveys (like this one) show that the tragedy is due to older teenagers involved in gang activity and suicide.”

The deaths are no less horrific, she says, but “it is an important distinction.” 

Instead of examining why it seems that youth today have a shorter fuse (or examining at closer detail how they obtained their illegally possessed firearm, either through the black market or by stealing it from somewhere, including their parents — which then existing negligence laws may come into play with additional charges), Bloomberg chooses to bizarrely … blame Trump.

Speaking of gang violence — as Bloomberg fudges stats on older teens that carry out criminal acts with illegally possessed guns, remember that Democrats voted down an attempt to include gang members in the red flag system they want to impose on you...

Cam Edwards also pointed out the absurdity of some of the gun incidents Bloomberg included in the video, and noted that he's failing to address what has led to the "staggering rise in school violence."