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Tucker Carlson Exposes More Dem Hypocrisy, This Time Digging Up a 2004 Comment From John Kerry About Foreign Leaders

AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson is at it again, exposing the hypocrisy among Democrats attacking President Trump over Ukraine. 

On Tuesday’s program, Carlson dug up a 2004 comment from John Kerry when he was a presidential candidate talking about how foreign leaders wanted to see him defeat then-President George W. Bush in the election. 


“John Kerry has been talking to anyone who will listen about the president’s shocking behavior with Ukraine,” Carlson said of the former secretary of state’s numerous media appearances denouncing Trump over his July call with Ukrainian President Zelensky. 

“Kerry is full of it, you knew that. But, just to put some meat on those bones, during the 2004 election, which he lost, John Kerry openly bragged about soliciting support from foreign leaders against his opponent that year, the incumbent President George W. Bush,” the host said.

Carlson then read the quote from Kerry, which appeared in The Guardian: “I've met foreign leaders who can't go out and say this publicly, but boy they look at you and say, 'you've got to win this, you've got to beat this guy, we need a new policy.' Things like that.”


Kerry’s comments didn’t go unnoticed at the time, but he refused to reveal which foreign leaders told him that and how he responded. 

“John Kerry said he wasn’t going to be specific because it was his right to keep his conversations with foreign leaders confidential—that’s absolutely necessary for leadership,” Carlson said. 

This is the second time this week Carlson has pointed out Democrats engaging in behavior they accuse Trump of committing in his conversation with Zelensky. On Monday, the host dug up a conversation from 2000, an election year, in which former President Clinton asked then-U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair for a political favor. 


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