Matt Drudge Predicts Which Dem Has 'Nomination to Lose'

Posted: Sep 20, 2019 7:30 AM
Matt Drudge Predicts Which Dem Has 'Nomination to Lose'

Source: AP Photo/Michael Caulfield

Matt Drudge offered his prediction on Twitter for who he believes the Democratic presidential nominee will be: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

“It's Elizabeth Warren's nomination to lose...” he wrote along with a photo of Warren’s New York City rally this week, which had a crowd size of roughly 20,000 people.

Last year, Drudge correctly predicted that Democrats would win back the House of Representatives, but overestimated by claiming they would pick up 60 seats instead of the roughly 40 they flipped from Republicans.

However, in February 2016, Drudge predicted early on that Donald Trump would become the GOP nominee.

Warren has picked up momentum in most polls in recent months, but in the latest Fox News poll, she placed third with 16 percent, following former Vice President Joe Biden's 29 percent and her progressive colleague Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders' 18 percent. (

He posted the Fox News article about his tweet as one of the top stories on his widely popular new aggregation site. Below it, he included a Grabien article of Steve Bannon saying he disagrees. 

President Trump’s former chief strategist, Steve Bannon, said he disagrees with Drudge. Appearing Thursday morning on CNBC’s Squawk Box, Bannon said: “I don’t agree with Matt Drudge yet but I think if you look at — and Matt’s got a tremendous sense of news, but if you look at her speech down here at Washington Square Park, which is quite dramatic, it’s really Trump Lite.” 

Bannon said she’s tapping into the same popular resentment toward big government corruption that fueled Trump’s rise. If she does capture the nomination, Bannon said, the race will present contrasting forms of nationalism. 

“If that’s the case, you’re going to have populist nationalism versus populist socialism,” he said. “She’s clearly defined where the energy is.” (Grabien)

Warren's RealClearPolitics average shows her second to Biden, with 18.3 percent.