Ed Henry Is Back

Posted: Sep 06, 2019 10:00 AM
Ed Henry Is Back

Source: AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File

Fox News chief national correspondent Ed Henry returned to the network following nearly two-months off the air after he donated 30 percent of his liver to his sister, Colleen. 

He appeared on “Fox & Friends” Friday morning to give viewers an update on his sister and thank them for the outpouring of support he received. 

"It was really about Colleen. She's had more bumps than me. ... Receiving the donation, it takes more time, it's harder," he explained, noting that she’s “doing great.”

Colleen suffers from a degenerative liver disease, according to Fox News. 

He also shared a funny story about when he attended Fox News’s Pete Hegseth’s wedding with some of his colleagues.

His wife was worried about him hugging people because of the incision in his chest, but hugging was the least of his concerns when he saw Sean Hannity.

"He punched me, but he did not hit my incision. I'm fine, I lived. ... I was Hannit-ized!" he said jokingly. 

On a more serious note, Henry addressed the first responders in the audience. 

"I did that for my sister, who I love," Henry said. "That's easy, I think. What you do every single day, helping people who you may not even know. The amount of people who rushed into those buildings on 9/11, Stephen Siller and everyone else - they didn't know people who they wanted to save."

President Trump must've been tuned in to the program this morning, as he tweeted his congratulations to both Henry and his sister.