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Here's What Dems Refused to Stand For During SOTU Address

There used to be a time when Democrats and Republicans could come together and agree on the most basic principles--a prosperous middle class, for example, or low unemployment rates among minorities--but no, many Democrats despise President Trump so much that past unifiers have become divisive issues. Below is a list of surprising topics many of those on the Left refused to applaud during President Trump's State of the Union address Tuesday night.

American greatness. 

Making the middle class prosperous. 

Rising wages for blue-collar workers. 

Low unemployment rates among minorities, the disabled, and women. 

Cutting regulations.

Being the best producer of oil and natural gas (with the notable exception of Sen. Joe Manchin).

Being a net exporter of energy.

USA chant.

Taking care of veterans.

The child tax credit.

Immigrants coming in legally.

A featured guest--an immigrant ICE agent who saved hundreds of women and girls from sex traffickers.

ICE in general. 

Angel families.

School choice.

5 million people off of food stamps. 

Elimination of Obamacare penalty.

Banning late-term abortion.

Deescalating tensions with North Korea.


Denouncing socialism. 

Moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

Genocide of Jews. 

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