Kavanaugh's Former Classmates Call Accusations 'Incomprehensible, Impossible'

Posted: Sep 27, 2018 9:41 AM

Two former classmates of Judge Brett Kavanaugh appeared on “Fox and Friends” Thursday morning to defend the Supreme Court nominee, saying the accusations lobbed against him are “absolutely not true.”

“These allegations are false, that’s not the man I knew,” said Tom Kane, his high school classmate and friend. “We were one heartbeat—if anything like this happened, I would know about it. If anything like this happened, our whole community would know about it. Same with the Yale incident. This is incomprehensible, impossible.”

Maura Kane, who once dated Kavanaugh and is now married to Tom Kane, also defended him. 

The accusations are “so, so far away from anything I experienced and any women who were around him every saw,” she said.

She also called the descriptions of their high school gatherings as drug fueled, gang rape parties “outrageous” and “so far out of our world.”

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