Alabama Newspapers Make Endorsement...and It's Not For Either Candidate on Ballot

Posted: Dec 11, 2017 12:30 PM

Alabama newspapers have endorsed a candidate for the special Senate election Tuesday, and it’s neither Republican Roy Moore nor Democrat Doug Jones.

An editorial published on Sunday, which is the home to three of Alabama’s leading newspapers, tells Alabamians that “voting for Roy Moore just because he has an ‘R’ next to his name, ignoring his record of personal and official misconduct, is neither wise nor careful.”

The editorial board then encourages voters to consider Republican state Sen. Richard Shelby as a write-in alternative.

“For a state's senior senator to not support his party's nominee for the other seat is almost unheard of. Historians could find just one example: from 1990, when Louisiana's Republican nominee was David Duke, a former KKK leader,” they write.

“Alabamians should think hard about how effective Moore can be as junior senator, with such a fissure between him and Shelby, let alone other Republicans.”

Shelby, who voted early, could not support Moore, and that should tell voters something, the editors argue. Instead, he chose a “distinguished Republican write-in.”

Moore will likely dismiss Shelby as part of the “Washington establishment” the editorial argues, but a majority of Alabama voters support him.

“…64 percent of Alabama voters reelected Shelby a year ago. He has been Alabama's senator since 1986. He has served the state with dignity and he has never embarrassed us. His judgment of Moore is convincing,” they write.

Those who are having a difficult time making a decision should consider a write-in candidate, the editors state. If that’s not a palatable option, voters could consider the Democratic candidate, Doug Jones.