Tucker Carlson and Donna Brazile Go Head to Head Over CNN Debate Question

Posted: Nov 09, 2017 8:15 AM

After revealing explosive details about the DNC and Hillary Clinton in her forthcoming book “Hacks,” the media have sought to discredit Donna Brazile over the fact that she shared a debate question with Hillary Clinton. 

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson wanted to know more about the Wikileaks revelation from Brazile—to hear her side of the story—but the former acting DNC chair did nothing but deflect and defend her actions, which the Fox News host repeatedly challenged. 

“They’ve come after you and said, look, it’s a little much for you to criticize the DNC for colluding with the Hillary campaign when you conceded that you leaked questions to the Hillary campaign during a CNN town hall–before a CNN town hall,” Carson said. “My question when I’m reading this is, did no one at CNN know that happened? Did they really learn for the first time when they read your book? How could they not have known that?”

Brazile first tried to deflect, simply plugging her book. 

Laughing, Tucker interrupted: “Hold on now, slow down, there was a question there, did nobody at CNN know that you did that? … You apparently got them from…”

“Oh, no Tucker, you cannot put words in my mouth. I got on some lipstick from Fox, but that has not forced me to not stand my ground,” Brazile responded.

“No but it’s not your ground, I’m asking about CNN, where you then worked,” he said. “They are mad at you, obviously. Did they know that you leaked these questions, really simple question?”

“You know, Tucker, I said last year…” Brazile started to answer.

“Sounds like you did,” Tucker interjected.

“No, Tucker, don’t try to put words in my mouth. I said last year that CNN never provided us with any questions. CNN never gave us anything in advance. But what I did say, what I have said in the past, and what I say in this book is that I, as an officer of the DNC — and I know Wikileaks gave everybody you know, certain questions and certain emails, but as an officer of the DNC, I sought to expand the number of debates, and I wanted to make sure that we had diverse voices, and we covered issues that had not been discussed in previous debates, and what I did … What I sought to do, Tucker, was to ensure that we had these issues on the table, and I wanted to make sure our candidates, I didn’t want them blindsided. That’s what I admitted to. Look, what Wikileaks put out…”

Tucker couldn’t stop laughing at that response.

“That’s the greatest spin I’ve ever heard, ‘I didn’t want them blindsided.’ That is so good you should do this for a living. That is hilarious,” he said.