Democratic Senator Blames Russia For Pelosi Protesters

Posted: Sep 20, 2017 9:05 AM
Democratic Senator Blames Russia For Pelosi Protesters

In case you missed it, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi faced quite an embarrassing situation during a press conference Monday in San Francisco on the DREAM Act when “immigrant youth” protesters yelled at her over negotiating with President Trump.  

“We undocumented youth will not be a bargaining chip for Trump's xenophobic agenda,” they screamed at her, demanding a “clean bill” that would not include any language regarding border security.

Now, one Democratic senator is coming to her defense, suggesting Russia is to blame for the protesters who forced Pelosi to leave the press conference.

“Why, of all people, is [Pelosi] getting the backlash from DREAMers?” CNN host Alisyn Camerota asked Sen. Jeanne Shaheen.

“DREAMers and young people across the country are frustrated, and they want to go to college and join the military and get jobs and be Americans, which is what they are. This is the only country most of them have ever known,” the senator replied, completely dodging the question.

But Camerota persisted, asking if it was Pelosi working with President Trump that led to the protests.

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“You’ll have to ask them. Who knows what stirred up this kind of animosity. What we know we know about the Russians and their interference in the 2016 elections is that they tried to increase divisions within this country,” Shaheen responded.

“We saw it again in Charlottesville. We don’t know what’s behind this, but what we do know is we need to take action to protect the DREAMers to allow them to stay in America.”