Carlson Slams Woodhouse For Saying Western Civilization, Christian Values Are ‘Dog Whistles to White Nationalists’

Posted: Jul 11, 2017 7:30 AM

Former DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse and Fox News’s Tucker Carlson got into a heated exchange Monday over President Trump’s Warsaw speech and the superiority of Western civilization.

“Sebastian Gorka, he talked about the speech before it was given. He said it was a speech that extolled Western civilization, which is fine, and Christian values. But those two terms put together are a dog whistle to white nationalists. What you’re really talking about is Christian, European, and white,” Woodhouse argued.

Trump declared during his speech that the “West will never, ever be broken, our values will prevail, our people will thrive and our civilization will triumph."

Carlson, trying to focus the interview, told Woodhouse to “stop with the propaganda.”

“Let’s just deal with the text of the speech,” Carlson said. “If you’re a leader of Western civilization you ought to believe it’s superior.”

He then posed a simple question to Woodhouse: Is Western culture superior to other cultures in the Middle East, for example, that espouse sharia law and theocracy.  

“I can’t say that because I don’t believe some of the things you’re saying. I don’t believe that people are bringing sharia law into the United States,” Woodhouse responded. “I don’t think the only people who are worthy of being American or being in Western civilization are Christian.”

“Nobody is arguing that,” Carlson fired back.

Woodhouse again circled back to Sebastian Gorka.

“I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about!” the Fox News host interjected.

Woodhouse continued to attack Trump’s campaign pledges on immigration and accused the commander in chief of giving “a white nationalist speech in public.”

“You know what, stoking the fires of race hatred with an overstatement like that will not end well at all,” Tucker said.

Check out the full interview below:

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