Warren Reveals Why She Didn't Run For President

Posted: Apr 13, 2017 2:30 PM
Warren Reveals Why She Didn't Run For President

Sen. Elizabeth Warren reveals in her new book why she didn’t throw her hat in the ring in 2016.

In "This Fight Is Our Fight," Warren discussed being pressured by the progressive wing of the Democratic Party to run, providing an alternative to Hillary Clinton.

Ultimately it seems it was her husband, Bruce Mann, who wasn’t so keen on the idea.

While her husband was supportive, he was wary that a presidential run would be more intense than her 2012 Senate race against then-incumbent Sen. Scott Brown. 

"The Senate thing was bad enough, and running for president would be worse — a lot worse,” he had warned her.

During the 2012 Senate campaign, Brown often referred to Warren as "Professor Warren," a shot at her Harvard credentials, and targeted her for claiming Native American ancestry during her hiring process. Despite the attacks, Warren won the election by 8 points. 

She also discussed in the book the pressure she faced from both the Clinton and Sanders campaigns for an endorsement—which she ultimately declined to give during the primaries.

"I didn’t want to undermine either of our candidates or to short-circuit any part of that debate,” she wrote.

Warren's endorsement of Clinton ultimately came the same day President Obama officially threw his support behind the former secretary of state.