MSNBC's Chuck Todd Takes On Chuck Schumer Over Holding Up Trump Appointee: It Looks 'Politically Petty'

Posted: Jan 23, 2017 7:30 AM

“Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd told Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on Sunday that the delay in having a confirmation vote for Rep. Mike Pompeo to lead the CIA looks “politically petty.”

“Why hold up Mike Pompeo’s nomination for the weekend?” he asked Schumer. “It seems he’s gonna get confirmed tomorrow, why be that…it does look politically petty.”

 Schumer argued that no CIA director has ever been confirmed on Inauguration Day and raised concerns about Pompeo’s views on waterboarding.

“I watched the Pompeo confirmation hearing, the waterboarding question was asked and answered, and he said in front of everybody there under oath that he was not in favor of it,” Todd pushed back.

“In questions that just came back Friday, he said he'd consult some of the experts, there seems to be backtracking,” Schumer replied. “This is why we have to have a discussion.”

“It seems like a petty delay tactic,” Todd said. “What discussion is left?”

The Senate is scheduled to vote on Pompeo’s confirmation Monday evening.