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The Clintons, Corruption, and Clemency

From her private email server to the pay-to-play politics exposed at the Clinton Foundation, Hillary Clinton’s recent scandals have been on full display this election cycle. But a recent Donald Trump ad reminded voters that the Clintons have a long history of corruption.


While the ad tells the story of Hillary Clinton’s involvement in commuting the sentences of several members of FALN, Joseph Connor, whose father was murdered by the Puerto Rican terror group in the 1975 bombing of Manhattan’s Fraunces Tavern, says this wasn’t the only example of Clinton’s involvement in the pardoning of criminals ostensibly in exchange for votes.

There is also the New Square Four.

During President Bill Clinton’s final days in office, he commuted the sentences of four men from a Hasidic enclave in New York who had been convicted of bilking tens of millions of dollars from the government.

Hillary Clinton, who was then running for a Senate seat, visited New Square in August 2000 and months later ended up receiving 1,400 votes from the community. Only 12 people voted for her Republican opponent.

In December 2000, after the election, Hillary attended a meeting at the White House with her husband, President Clinton, and the village leader, who urged clemency for the four convicts.

The link between the commuted sentences and votes for Hillary Clinton was so apparent that a federal investigation was opened looking into the case. But in 2002, none other than James Comey, who was then U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, found no wrongdoing. He also cleared Clinton in the investigation of his pardon of Marc Rich, a fugitive commodities trader whose ex-wife was a major donor to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the DNC, and the Clinton library foundation.


“Like the New Square [Hasidic] clemencies, the 1999 clemencies to the FALN terrorists who murdered my father were clearly a quid pro quo to New York’s Latino community. Clemencies in exchange for votes for HRC,” Connor told Townhall in an email.

The clemencies of the FALN members, Marc Rich, and the New Square Four show the “continued trend of Clinton corruption,” Connor added. “But it also connects to Comey; why he let Hillary off the hook in July, why the Dems praised him so much and why Clinton was so assured of clearance.”

So how does Comey’s Friday announcement that the FBI is reopening its investigation of Clinton’s emails make sense in light of this history?

“I think he may have done the Friday announcement to calm [agents] down and avoid a revolt,” Connor said. “Hopefully he will not be compromised again and will not exonerate her.  But given his background as Clintonian, we cannot be sure.”

If Clinton wins on November 8, despite everything, Connor believes she’ll be “emboldened” and act with further impunity, believing the American people have “sanctioned and endorsed her criminality.”


“Bottom line, the Clinton corruption is endless, breathtaking in scope and now so blatantly arrogant that they flaunt it in the face of the American people defying us to do anything about it,” he said.

“Our family has fought the Clintons’ abuse of power for over 16 years since they disregarded our father, Frank Connor's life, and used his murder for politics when they released the FALN terrorists. … It’s time the Clintons were stopped. It’s time they faced justice.”

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