Team Clinton Insists Hillary Still Hasn't Talked to Huma About Emails

Posted: Oct 31, 2016 7:32 AM

Hillary Clinton “still hasn’t” spoken with Huma Abedin about the emails since the FBI’s announcement on Friday that it was reopening its Clinton email investigation, according to campaign manager Robby Mook.

Mook, along with other Clinton campaign staffers, made the rounds on the Sunday shows  calling on the FBI to offer an explanation.

"And what we're asking at this point is Director Comey just get all the information out on the table, all of it, so that the American people can judge for themselves," Mook said on Fox News Sunday.

Wallace replied by explaining to Mook that there is one person that knows fully well what is in the emails—and that’s Abedin. “Has Secretary Clinton asked her what's in those e-mails?" he asked.

"Well, Chris, the problem with what you're saying there is we don't know. We don't know where these e-mails are from. You're making an inference that it could have been Huma Abedin. Your guess is as good as anyone. And this is why Director Comey needs to get all the information out there."

"Well, I'm asking you a direct question," Wallace pushed back. "Has secretary Clinton asked Huma Abedin what was on that laptop that she shared with her husband Anthony Weiner?"

"She hasn't," Mook said. "You just offered a hypothetical on the table. Let me offer you some hypotheticals that I've read in the press. I've heard a hypothetical that these e-mails have nothing to do with Hillary Clinton whatsoever, that she didn't send or receive any of them.”

"That doesn't matter," Wallace replied. "It's still the question of what's in the e-mails. So, why wouldn't she asked Huma Abedin, did you have e-mails on the laptop and what's in them? Why wouldn't she ask her?

"Well, Chris, you and I are on the same page here. I want to know what's in these e-mails, too. And Director Comey has put out a letter. It has three paragraphs. It says nothing about Huma Abedin. It says nothing about who these e-mails were to or from. He just says he has information that may be significant we don't even know if it is."

Given the “credible reporting” that the information came from Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin’s laptop, “why on earth wouldn't Hillary Clinton say to her closest personal aide, was there any stuff on your laptop, and what was it?" Wallace pressed.

"Chris, again, I appreciate your question because people want answers," Mook said. "There's nothing about Huma Abedin in the letter that was sent out."

"I know, but why wouldn't Clinton ask her?" Wallace said.

"Well, why wouldn't Clinton ask anybody?" Mook said. "They could be e-mails from anybody in the world."

"There are no reports it's anybody else except Huma Abedin," Wallace said.

"Again, you're putting out some hypotheticals. There are other hypotheticals that have been put out there," Mook said, adding that the only person who really knows the answer is James Comey.