Visualizing the ISIS Terror Threat in America

Posted: Oct 05, 2016 1:30 PM

Terrorism continues to be among the top concerns for Americans, and the House Homeland Security Committee’s October Terror Threat Snapshot Tuesday helps explain why.

The monthly assessment of the global terror threat shows that ISIS’s ability to carry out attacks in the West has not significantly diminished. Moreover, the threat will continue in the years to come because of the “terrorist diaspora” from Syria and Iraq.

Already in the last 15 years, the threat from homegrown terror has risen dramatically. There have been 171 homegrown jihadist plots in the U.S. since 9/11, and 86 percent of these incidents have either been discovered or happened since 2009, the report found.

The following visuals help break down the threat in the U.S. from ISIS:

The recent arrest in Maryland of an ISIS supporter plotting to kill a U.S. service member and the attacks in Minnesota, New York, and New Jersey are stark reminders that Americans face a serious Islamist terror threat at home,” Chairman Michael McCaul said in a statement. “The alarming surge of ISIS and al Qaeda-linked violence across the West is, in large part, fueled by a jihadist movement that is deeply entrenched in critical regions across the globe. Not to be outdone, hostile state actors like Russia and Iran continue to exploit a power vacuum, extending their own influence at America’s expense while also stoking the very conflicts that help sustain terrorist groups.”

Click here to check out the entire report, and here to view an interactive map.