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As Dems Continue Sit-in, Republicans Start Recess Early

If you didn’t follow Matt’s coverage of the House Democrats’ sit in to force a vote on gun control legislation, you may want to read this first.

The House ended up adjourning in the early hours of Thursday morning after GOP lawmakers voted to pass an emergency funding package to fight Zika.


House GOP leaders opted to send lawmakers home a day early for a holiday recess as Democrats threatened to stretch a widely publicized sit-in over gun control into a days-long demonstration.

The House adjourned for the Independence Day recess shortly after Republicans voted to pass an emergency funding package to combat the Zika virus after 3 a.m. Thursday. The House will have a pro forma session at 9 a.m. Friday but won’t return for legislative votes until Tuesday, July 5 and will then adjourn again 10 days later until after Labor Day.

Ryan’s spokeswoman said passing the Zika legislation was the only must-do item on the agenda before recess.

“Despite the publicity stunt on the floor, House Republicans were intent on not allowing these tactics to stop us from completing this important business,” AshLee Strong said in a statement. “With that tangible accomplishment, we will be moving on to the previously scheduled district work period.”


Even after their sit-in, Democrats shouldn’t expect that a vote will be held on gun legislation, Strong added.

“Democrats can continue to talk, but the reality is that they have no end-game strategy,” Strong said. “The House is focused on eliminating terrorists, not constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens. And no stunts on the floor will change that.”


Nevertheless, some House Democrats have remained on the floor, turning the sit-in into a slumber party, as Matt reported.

Democrats continued their sit-in after the House adjourned at 3:14 a.m., but the crowd began to thin considerably given the late hour.


Still, more than two dozen Democrats remained on the floor, including several who wrapped themselves in blankets.


Members of the House Democratic whip team will meet later Thursday morning to discuss the next steps.

"Just because they have left doesn't mean that we are taking no for an answer,” Pelosi said. 

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