GOP Frontrunner Thinks Health Care, Education Are Among Federal Government's Top Roles

Posted: Mar 30, 2016 9:30 AM
GOP Frontrunner Thinks Health Care, Education Are Among Federal Government's Top Roles

Ask any Republican and they'll likely tell you that the federal government should not be involved in education or health care. Ask Donald Trump and he’ll say these are among the top three functions of the U.S. government. Really.

During CNN’s town hall on Tuesday night, Trump said, “the greatest function of all by far is security for our nation.  I would also say health care, I would also say education.”

When CNN’s Anderson Cooper tried to clarify that his main response was security, Trump agreed, but again added health care and education.

“I say all top three are security, but health care, education, would be probably three that would be top.  And then you can go on from there.”

A confused Cooper needed to follow up again: “So in terms of the federal government's role, you're saying security, but you also say health care and education should be provided by the federal government?”

“Well, those are two of the things.  Yes, sure,” Trump replied. “I mean, there are obviously many things, housing, providing great neighborhoods...”

Recognizing that Trump's response contradicts what he’s said on the campaign trail, Cooper asked: “Aren't you against the federal government's involvement in education?  Don't you want it to devolve to states?”

In typical Trump fashion, he flip-flopped on what he said moments earlier: “I want it to go to state, yes.  Absolutely.”

And on health care run by the federal government, Trump said: “Health care - we need health care for our people.  We need a good - Obamacare is a disaster.”

“But is that something the federal government should be doing?” Cooper fired back.

“The government can lead it, but it should be privately done.  It should be privately done.  So that health care - in my opinion, we should probably have - we have to have private health care.”

Trump vs. Trump is real. 

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