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Bill Maher Begrudgingly Endorses Ted Cruz: 'Better Ted Than Dead'

To be clear, liberal comedian Bill Maher doesn’t want to see a Republican in office, but after roasting both GOP candidates on his show “Real Time With Bill Maher” Friday evening, he threw his ‘support’ behind the Texas senator. 


After all, he said, “there is always a more-correct choice,” and to Maher, that choice is Ted Cruz, although he did have to immediately take a swig of ‘bleach’ after saying it out loud. 

His reason? Quite simply, Donald Trump is a “lunatic.”

“If a non-rich or non-white person said the things he says they wouldn’t put him in the White House, they’d put him in Bellevue,” he said.

“We can’t make a crazy person commander in chief, there are actual job requirements. It’s not like Mardi Gras parade king. Do I think President Trump would actually disappear people? No, but I can’t rule it out.”

Earlier in the segment Maher compared Trump to Ebola: “He'll violently kill you right away.” While Ted Cruz, he said, was like Zika virus: “We won't see the damage until future generations."

“So, yes,” Maher concluded, “Ted Cruz will be our worst president, but Donald Trump might well be our last.”

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